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Hello and welcome.  Please allow me a moment of your time for the smallest of introductions. My name is Eva Vanrell and in the beginning of 2011, I took a blind leap of faith to pursue what I loved most. The result of that journey is my debut novel, The Butterfly Crest. This site catalogues my experiences in throwing myself headlong into the journey of writing my first book, and all the things that followed. I’ve started writing Book Two of the series, so please stay tuned.

The Butterfly Crest was published in May 2014 and is currently on sale at all major ebook retailers. Please visit the Bookshop for purchasing information (scroll down the page for the various retailer links, most of which have free sample chapters). If you would like to learn more, please feel free to take a look at the synopsis and some chapter excerpts in the menu above.

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A day in Palma


Arabian Baths, Palma de Mallorca. Image by Eva Vanrell.

Arabian Baths, Palma de Mallorca. Image by Eva Vanrell.

Spent all day walking around Palma de Mallorca. I saw a few things I hadn’t seen before, including the Arabian Baths. I went expecting something involving water, but they were actually steam baths. They used burners beneath the floor to create the steam, and the rooms were scented by burning rosemary.

Sunday’s closing of the Saint Bartholomew festival was really great. I got some pretty good shots, but I’ll need some time go through them and a steady internet connection to post – so please stay tuned.



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