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On winter blooms

Sparrows in the Sazanka in Snow by Ando Hiroshige

kismet |ˈkizmit, -ˌmet|


destiny; fate

Sometimes that’s what it all comes down to. An image. An unexpected discovery. A fractional moment in time. Bijou, small and elegant.

You can step in and out of it in less than a second, but it is no less transcendent. One minute nothing. The next, a jewel.

It may be the smallest of things, in my case only an image that lasted a second, but it can be the catalyst for something beautiful; that one thing you didn’t even realize you were searching for or needed.

When the moment comes, there’s a shift. It’s tangible. Real.

It is important not to dismiss those moments. Do not label them as flights of fancy or underestimate their strength. Accept them. Be humbled by them. Follow them into the great beyond, because it’s those small moments that lead us to the extraordinary…

Like a flower that blooms in winter.